The Quantum Physics of Sex




We all come from a Big Bang called Sex.

How are Sex and Quantum Physics Connected?

"Quantum" comes from the Latin meaning “quantity.” 

Quantum physics is the science that studies the behavior of the smallest particles known to man. They make up the fabric of everything in and around us.

These infinitely tiny particles do not obey the same laws of physics as the objects in our 3D (macro) world, for example, a pen, a computer, 
a cup of coffee. Gravity is different, space-time
is different—reality is different in the Quantum world.

But if we’re made of these small particles, how can they behave differently than we do? That’s what’s puzzled scientists (and marveled us) for decades. 

And how does it relate to sex? 

Because your body is also made of the Quantum realm, anyone can learn how to access it.

That means, you can either experience sex in the macro-world way (which you already do) or at the Quantum level.

When you experience sex at the quantum level you’re no longer susceptible to the 3D world laws, but to the Quantum laws. Your experience of sex completely shifts. 

Observing the unobserved.

Another important discovery of quantum physics is “the observer effect.” Introduced in 1965 by theoretical physicists Werner Heisenberg & Niels Bohr, it reveals that the act of measuring, or "observing" an experiment, affects its results.

In other words, the observer changes what’s being observed. 

In our culture, we are socialized to accept pre-fabricated ways of perceiving, or “observing” sex, so we unconsciously limit our experience to this pasteurized version.

When we learn simple but potent principles of Quantum Physics and Neuroscience, we can change our vantage point and instantly transform our experience.

The third and equally fascinating revelation of Quantum studies is the phenomenon of “entanglement,” proposed by Einstein.

It shows that pairs of sub-atomic particles can be invisibly connected—even if miles apart from each other. In a way that if something happens to one particle, the other shows exactly the same change—instantly.

In the same way, changing our observation, and therefore our experience of sex, fundamentally impacts all areas of life. 

“When you observe one part of a Quantum system you change the state of the universe.” —Physicist Charles Bennett

The way you are in sex you are everywhere.





The way you are gives permission for people to be who they are. You have that effect. That to me is not something you can learn, I think you have a gift for that. And then the way you bring Quantum Physics into it, it's very impressive. That's something I never heard anyone do. That's the other special thing about it. I think people will absolutely love being in that situation, where you share your knowledge and merge both subjects in such a brilliant way. I'm speaking from myself, but I think most people I know would love to be in a course like this." 
—C. H. SVP at Clock Work Apple


"Sex is such a big part of our lives that we ignore. It’s about taking a bit of time to do this. Really, really well worthwhile. I highly recommend this course, without a doubt. It’s a MUST for anybody who likes sex and wants to go deeper and make a greater sense of sex. Anyone who wants to fly high sexually and consequently in all aspects of life. The course shows a profound connection between sex and all parts of life. It’s THAT important." —D. B. VIP Account Director at Cisco

"The transparency of the discussions was mind-blowing. When people in the class started talking about the principles you presented, it was so high level and so interesting. But again, you are the catalyst. You make 2 guys talk about sex and stuff they’d never talk about so naturally. You create this honest atmosphere, it was simple to just talk about anything. Nothing was embarrassing… I never saw that, it's truly remarkable." —M. P. Writer, Director and Founder of Metaimagem Films